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ZeroAvia Statement on the Publication of the AAIB Report
July 7, 2022, 08:00 BST

We welcome the conclusion of the AAIB’s investigation into the causes of the off-airport landing that occurred last year (April 2021) at Cranfield Airport as part of our test flight programme under Project HyFlyer I. While the report does not make specific recommendations for ZeroAvia within its conclusions, many of the issues identified in the report were similarly noted in our internal investigation and have subsequently been addressed robustly. Over a year on, ZeroAvia has grown to over 150 employees, and the recommendations made in this report have shaped this growth.


We have embedded key learnings into both our organisational culture and structure, as well as our future technical designs. This includes the establishment of a Safety and Security Review Board, adding to our team with extensively qualified members in several critical positions, including within our design, airworthiness and flight test teams, and establishing a safety management system based on a ‘just’ aviation culture, including occurrence reporting, investigation and corrective actions functions.

PR Contact Information

ZeroAvia in North America

Sarah Malpeli
Technica Communications
+1 (408) 806-9626  Ext. 6840

ZeroAvia in Europe

Farah Pasha
+44 (0) 7506 657137

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