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ZeroAvia expands presence with establishment of legal entity in the Netherlands
May 18, 2021
To further expand upon partnerships it has established with a Dutch airport group, ZeroAvia has recently established a legal entity in the Netherlands. This will enable the company to create opportunities for commercialisation and partnership with airports, airframe manufacturers and/or airlines, within the Netherlands and wider European Union.  

This represents another step that will allow ZeroAvia to expedite the development of hydrogen fuel cell propulsion technology and build understanding of the environment required to support it, in terms of both regulation and airport ground operations (production, storage, refuelling, safety, etc). In turn, this will speed up the time to market and ease of adoption of ZeroAvia’s market-leading zero emissions hydrogen-electric aviation technologies.

ZeroAvia is accelerating the transition to sustainable aviation and establishing a presence in Europe is a significant milestone in growing the commercial and environmental impact it can make.
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