Why We Do It?
Transportation produces a third of CO emission in the USA
In 2016, it overshadowed coal burning power generation emissions and became the greatest polluter
Net CO₂ aviation emission in percent of total human climate impact
$1.5T Aviation Market is flying into Sustainability Crisis
No real, truly scalable solutions exist today

Aviation accounts for over 12% of total transportation emissions, growing at the fastest rate on the way to doubling by 2050.

Released at high altitudes, aviation emissions have 2–4x the impact of comparable ground source emissions.

Short haul segment is most important to address: half of emissions are from flights shorter than 1000 miles.

Regulators worldwide are starting to push the industry into radical reductions—e.g., EU with a 4x decrease in CO2 and 10x decrease of NOX by 2050.

Further, air travel experience is progressively deteriorating

Bigger airports with larger planes mean more congestion, longer wait and higher security overhead.

Higher passenger concentration in large airport hubs results in longer last-mile travel to final destination and higher risk of airborne disease transmission.