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ZeroAvia R&D Facility in Everett, Washington, Welcomes U.S. Representative Larsen
September 30, 2022

For much of August, the U.S. Congress was in recess, with members returning to their home state and districts. But, as U.S. Representative Rick Larsen demonstrated, a recess is not a vacation. As part of his work in Washington State’s 2nd Congressional District last month, Rep. Larsen toured the ZeroAvia research and development facility at Paine Field in Everett.


The ZeroAvia team at Paine Field has been hard at work developing some of our electric motor technology for future powertrains.


As Rep. Larsen observed, there’s more to a hydrogen-electric powertrain than building a motor and attaching fuel-cells. In the photos below, ZeroAvia CTO of propulsion Dr. Youcef Abdelli shows the Congressman our hardware and software labs and our dynamic testing lab, where we spun up our test electric motor system to put it through its paces.


Dr. Youcef prepares Rep. Larsen for a motor test in the dynamic testing lab.


In the hardware testing lab, Dr. Youcef explains the specialized components we’ve designed and produced.


In the software lab, Dr. Youcef explains to Rep. Larsen how we test the avionics that control the powertrain.

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